Sometimes it's a real challenge to fight the sleepies in life. They can overtake us when we least expect it, and when we least want it. It doesn't even matter if we have a full nights sleep.

Tonight was one of those nights. Wow was I having a hard time. In one of those rare moments in history that it was truly just slow and I was looking for stuff to do, I began to be over run by little masked marauders who were attaching 40 pound weights to each of my eyelids.

After a while you start having to fight to even keep your head up...

Despite the challenge I DID stay awake until my lunch break, when I kicked my chair into recline and just gave in for a half hour. Thankfully it seemed to be about enough time to convince the little bastards to take the weights off...

I can't even remember the last time in my adult life that a situation like this presented, when I wasn't driving a long road trip.

I am NOT looking forward to the next time that ever happens to me. What I AM looking forward to is my BED!! Blessed be the universe, that bed is one of the most welcome things I can remember seeing in a very long time!

Sleepiness aside I actually had a good night, accomplished several things that I was starting to wonder if I would ever be able to repeat, and got to enjoy the good natured taunting at the end of the night that truly kept me not only awake but with a smile on my face.

Laughter really is like putting a turbo charger on the positive energy of life.

This was one of those days that I am glad to see the back side of, not because it was bad, but because it had so much potential to go a bad way at moments.

But didn't.

I was able to just keep my head down, do my work and move on... Sometimes thats all one can hope for in life, and sometimes thats all you need.

I got both.

Tonight was also a bit of a realization for me. I found myself becoming more and more grateful for the friends in my life. More than I actually thought possible, to be honest. And as I meet new friends who are not only good friends but are local it just solidifies even more how much this is my home now. I am starting to finally feel like I have connections in the world again. Their roots may be based at the office but they go much deeper.

And they have led to people that are not from the office so...BONUS! lol

And now because I have yammered on for over 450 words about a lot of nothing and a little of something... It's time for dinner, tv, and then bed!!


P.S. I think I might actually try and get another chapter of the novel written soon. Maybe... I need to re-read and get inspired first...