I have started a new blog, aka the Whacky Idea. You can visit it here: Dea©onBluesDiet.com.

This is a new blog that I am hoping to have a lot of help with, from a lot of wonderful people. I have met and become friends with a lot of generous and kind people online and in real life. All who are caring beyond imagination.

Many of these great people are also wonderful cooks. They have offered to help me build up a page full of fast, easy, and cheap how to's for a variety of meals.

I am starting this because I wanted to help myself learn to make a variety of new foods to keep from burning out and getting bored with my diet. And to get away from reliance on frozen and prepackaged dinners.

I also want to make sure the the contributions are easy, as in easy for the type of person such as myself who might not know a shallot from a lentil... And on top of that it has to be budget friendly.

Because what good is a great meal idea if you can't afford the stuff to make it?

So slowly, but surely, I hope to add more and more recipe's to the list and expand the group of contributers.

If  you are are on Twitter, then feel free to follow@deaconbluesdiet. On the twitter feed you will find links to new posts there, my public tracking of my meals as I eat them, and any extra physical activity I work into my day.

I hope you will all stick around and join in with idea's and helpful hints. I want this to be a warm and welcome place to the cooking-impaired such as myself.