Why is it that so much of life seems to come down to guessing the retail value of stuff and how much we can get for less than that number?

We shop the sales for all the items we can find, and make do with, that are less than their retail value with the very food that feeds us....We shop the prices of our entertainment and try to beat the other guy... who really deserves to be beat.

I mean come on if he was any good he would have a name right? Not just "the other guy..." Who wants to be named that?!

There are the few and simple joys in life that are  absolutely free. They are blissful wonderful moments in life. But all too rare. I think the key is to try to seek those out, wrap our selves up in those and make memories that last a life time!

That way we don't smack the parking space stealer up side the head when we go to the store... or worse.. TAWANDA!!!!!! It is nicer being older with more insurance, that is true. :)

But I tell you what, shopping for groceries, entrainment, and household goods has nothing on two aspects of life... wanna guess which? Well tough I'm gonna tell you...

Homes, and cars... those two moments seem to be the most anxiety inducing moments in our shopping careers. And it really is a career - you start small with toys, move to food, then to small possessions, then cars, then living space and then property as in real estate. All along the way learning and growing. Determining and creating budgets with financial forecasts for the future while trying to guess what you will need. Tell me thats not a full time job?

I just recently completed my first ever self negotiated deal and sole financed vehicle purchase which was cool. It was also an anxiety attack in a box. And that was only for a 6 year commitment!

Now I find myself considering shopping for a house, and giving up the renting game after just 4 years of it. Picture a 30 year agreement on the line! That box just became a warehouse!

There really do seem to be a lot of possibilities out there, and they all seem to have a million variations. But the same detail brings everything sharply back into focus... $$$

I am hoping that the agent I am dealing with can do wonderful things and really help me through my first home buy. I am also hoping that I can make this an actual reality this time. I don't adore the idea of moving, thats for certain, but the idea of moving into MY place... that is an idea I can be VERY happy about :)

It's all very exciting, and VERY anxious making. A million details to think of and only one brain to throw at it...

I am really hoping to make a decision soon, and hopefully make it as one that will work with my lease renewal window of opportunity. Which they want to know about my JUNE lease renewal probably in the next month or so.. its crazy I know.

But I am hoping to make a decision before April 30 and either be closed on the new place and moved in, OR know that I am staying put. And if I am moving I really hope the current landlord will let me out of my lease a month early. I have, after all, been here for almost 4 years and never been late on anything and have taken good care of things... sigh...

And so with that... I'm exhausted... the sickness is fading but its taking my energy with it. Time for a bit of dinner, and telly..