No fishnets required...

Anticipation is one of the most intense emotions we experience, wether it be anticipating good or bad.

Doesn't matter if we are anticipating a bad meeting at work the next day or if you are waiting on a big check in the morning. I'll bet either way you couldn't get to sleep the night before without a lot of effort.

It can also be the fuel that runs us through the days.

Well right now I am stuck in limbo trying to decide if I will just sign my next lease and stay put another year, or actually try and buy a house - and wow the anticipation involved with that prospect!

How do you make this kind of decision quickly? No, really, I want to know!

I wish there was a way I could find a cheaper option somewhere to hold me over till the mean time but the idea of moving to another apartment??? grumble... I want the next move to be a move to a house. My house.

I am also enjoying the anticipation and nerves I get when I am faced with meeting new people - even the ones I have known online for years...

Yup, tomorrow I break out of the "comfort zone" and am going to head into Boston to meet up with our nations SLWorking Leader!

I am actually really looking forward to it. But the anticipation, and nerves I get when meeting new people - its all a flutter right now. I hate trying to make first impressions in real life, I always just feel so inadequate... which is a pain in the ass when interviewing too.. sigh..

At least the head cold is almost gone!

Should be a good night though... looking at an evening in a landmark restaurant and with good company.

There, see, you thought this was going to be a long one on the virtues and pit-falls of anticipation and how it can warp our perspectives and impact our lives... :P

Now where did Rocky run off to?? hmmm...