Yesterday's was all about anticipation. The possibility of owning my own home, or moving to some place new, and meeting someone new...


The home purchase is off for at least 2 years. Moving to someplace new, likely off also. The only way I would move is if:

A. it was a wicked nice newer place with covered parking and central air.


B. it was a stand alone house. That doesn't look likely.

And so life returns to its regularly scheduled programing before the house hunt detour. Debt pay off continues as normal and savings establishment as well.

Oh and life got in the way - so no meeting someone new.

In fact the only thing new of note... a sleep pattern change for an upcoming couple of 3rd shift nights at work.

Exciting stuff huh?

I did have a couple of exciting dreams during my nap.. I was a tough guy.. it was great. Yeah no one wants to hear about other peoples dreams either lol...

I guess this is going to be a very very boring short one... one of the down sides of trying to blog while you are feeling sick... ya just don't have the heart to put into it.

But darn it I am gonna keep this 1-a-day streak alive!

Oh I do have to recommendations. CBS's Parenthood is a hoot and a half and really well done. And Southland is still good even after the move to TNT. In fact I think it got better. Not for the squeamish though.