Today I will be having my first taste of starting and ending a normal shift but in the hours of a vampire...aka 3rd shift.

I am actually kind of excited to get a feel for it. It is a shift that eventually I am rather hopeful that I will get to move into as my primary shift sooner rather than later.

I really like the idea of the peace and quiet and of just doing my work and not having to field a lot of questions from all over the country. While that has its upside and entertainment value it can certainly be tiresome after a while.

I was surprised at how well I actually slept today. I figured that, even given my already vampiric tendencies, I would have a hard time putting a full nights sleep into the first night of the shift but it went really well. I even woke up feeling rather refreshed if not a bit off kilter to wake up with NO sunlight out at all.

I could get used to this very easily.

But who knows - I might even get moved into a new position that would put me square among the day walkers... ack! LOL That one I won't know about for a bit of time though.

I did however find out today that my landlord is going to be super generous and allow me to modify my new lease to account for a 3rd cat. I can't wait!

Oh BTW I have decided to stay put at least for the next year if not next two.

I really feel like the next move should be to a home not another apartment. Even though the possibility of moving somewhere less expensive is tempting, I really do have a nice place as it is and don't want to move just to be moving.

Even though it was a quick weekend for me and my plans really didn't happen at all like I had hoped, it was still somehow a good weekend. I rested and have finally shaken the worst of this cold... I think...

So tonight should be interesting. Once again ending my day in the light, and starting another in the dark. The world is a funny place sometimes... good thing it has funny people in it...