Accepting the difficult and disappointing moments in life is never easy. But with maturity, clarity, and perspective it can be less difficult.

After a couple of months of trying and anticipating my best friend moving from TN all the way up to MA near me things changed. And that’s OK.

Sure I would have loved to have her here, and yes I was excited for her to be here. But that excitement was for more than my own selfish reasons. I wanted my dear friend to find her place in the world and to find her happiest self. And starting fresh in a new place with new opportunities abound surely felt like a great way to go.

Ma’ Universe had a different plan.

The first attempt flamed out after a missed moment in time. And the second moment never came to pass, allowing for her to find her happiness where she is, with the means and position to keep her in a place of joy and comfort. This "opportunity in the shadows" also allowed her to keep close to her children. Which is a big plus!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. But I’m not devastated like I might have once been. Not because I care less, or have moved beyond the close and valued friendship we have. Instead it’s because I have come to realize in life that the best we can ask for those we love is that they find comfort, happiness, and their place in their world. And in this moment my dearest friend has found her place.

I couldn’t be happier for her, and more hopeful for the continued success and progress in her life!

Any sadness I might have in knowing that my friend is not moving near me, and will not be able to visit for some time, is allayed by the knowledge that it’s not of misery that keeps her from me, but her security and happiness that sustains a life which is building momentum...

Who could, in good and honest conscious, begrudge the movement of positive energy in the life of one we love? Who could begrudge the Universe steering a different path than the one we would force?

Life is a flow and a path of experiences and energies. We must learn from it, learn to take in the positive – embrace it, learn from the negative – let it go, and appreciate that the flow and path may not always follow the time-line we would like or even go to the destination we might think we want. But with faith, and strength we will arrive at the destination that is meant of our lives.


Ma’ Universe may not share the reasons, or even the goal with us, but she will share the joy and positive light abundantly with those who are beacons of faith and sources of positive energy in themselves. Those who make them a source of positive light in the world will be and are rewarded.

To fight the flow, and allow the negative to take hold, is to come to a stand still in our lives. Neither moving forward nor back, but to stagnate and wither. We would be consumed with the pain, with the negative, and the faults of all those around us. Railing against a world that refuses to bend to our will.

I know this feeling first hand. And I am glad to be finding my way ever further away from it.

We are meant to gently guide our paths and to nudge in a direction, but never to force a situation. Asking of the universe that we might share in a desired joy and moment in life… is of course a very human moment, and if it is meant to be a part of our enrichment, then it will be. But to force a situation only causes a ripple of negativity in our lives.

With this knowledge in mind, I will continue to ask and hope that, in my new home, I will continue my good fortune of discovering new and wonderful friends. I will continue to hope and ask of Ma’ Universe that the paths of those I love might once again be twined with my own and in my new and loved home. Until then I will rest soundly in the knowledge that with faith and hope, my dearest friends and family will find the joy and peace in their lives that sustains a soul through all eternity.

"I miss you Dawn, I love you. I am so happy for your happiness and I will ask that your happiness is only continued and magnified."