And the Sun my stars...

It's an odd sensation to have your days and nights traded. Odder still to realize you seem to prefer the arrangement.

Long before I worked my two recent night shifts, I have maintained a night shift sleeping pattern. But somehow those last two days formalized it in an interesting way. I have, for years now, had a bed time between 5:30am and 7:30am, and have been just fine with the informal arrangement of it.

But with the official work shifts, that were of my tasks, it seemed to make it more formal.. And while I am more than OK with it, it seems odd to have what is considered such an abnormal schedule made normal.

With that said, this might just become a more permanent schedule for me. While I love the shift that I have and enjoy working with the great people that are around me, there is something to the peace of the overnight hours. Even in chaotic moments there is a peace to it.

Plus it's more money.

It does seem like I am wired differently in my acceptance and appreciation of a Moonlit day, and a Sun filled night. Perhaps it's the part of me that appreciates the isolation, likely more than is healthy for me, but appreciates it all the more.

Maybe my appreciation for the vampiric and stories of the night is more than fictional imagination, but something in my design that makes me lean to the stories that dwell of the night? Space in the black darkness, love in the moonlit darkness, and life's existence in the glory of the stars of thousands of worlds.

Many people speak of the magnificence of the sun filled days, and stories that bring into the light and warmth of the sun all the joys of the common human. But for the uncommon, where do we find our stories and warmth? In the night.

I argue that brightness and energy, soul shine and positive light, exuberance and passion do not exist only in the sun, but also in the moonlit reflection of that sun. A more subtle, but no less astounding beauty and grace. One of soft tones and gentle presence. Life's beauty is not held in the day light alone, but in all things around us in balance.

And what of that beauty without those who appreciate its splendor and the merit of the shaded howling winds of night? Does it not exist? No, it simply does not get its fair appreciation.

So to Ma' Universe and to Mother Nature, I say... Well Done! And thank you for wiring me to appreciate more fully the Moon lit wonders in balance to the sunlit heavens.