Tomorrow I have an interview for a different position with my current employer. It has the potential to offer more money, more room for advancement, and providing more training to vary my skill set even further.

But how does one reconcile the risk of something different and with hours that someone is not crazy about, when you have a comfortable position and place in the company with shift hours that you love?

Not to mention being thrown into an entirely new group of unknown people…

For now I am going in with the idea and mind set of, “this is an opportunity, a chance to build and take a path that will allow more and varied progress in my career and financial future. But it’s not an imperative that I leave where I am right now.” This allows me to be more relaxed and at ease for the interview.

Which is great...

And I can answer that I applied for the position to seek out and learn new aspects of the business, to find a business segment that will allow me to more fully grow in my position and to expand and advance beyond that point onward and upward in my career. Something that sounds a lot better than “I have to get out” or “I’m Bored” or some other equally bad statement.

But I am still just not sure how I would answer if an offer were made. It would have to be a careful decision.

On another note...

Why is it soooo frakin impossible to get through a race day without having someone ruin it for me by telling me the winner… grumble.

I mean c’mon! I don’t get to watch because I’m at work, it’s not like I just didn’t get around to it! And then you have the people who want to drop hints about the race, winner or events in the race or whatever, hints that might be vague to the casual fan and not give anything away, but for me just tell it all in that thinly veiled statement.


I mean, yeah there are worse things in the world, but darn it I look forward to getting to go home and just WATCH the race after a day at work, and LOVE the excitement of the closing laps to see who will go to victory. Having it told to me before hand just sucks all the point out of it for me… Then it’s just a highlights reel viewing.

I think I am going to have to institute a “Death by Spoon” statute for all those who ruin things like this for me.


Any-who… I will NOT ruin it here for those who may not have seen it yet. I will say that I am shocked by some of the events, and who was involved, and that I hope there is a sure and swift punishment, but not one that completely sanitizes for the protection of our delicate senses… blah

And further more….!