Feeling rather anxious and out of sorts. The world seems a scarier place and help so far away.

No lifeline of support - no one to rescue me.

In short... my cell phone won't connect to the network! *GASP* The Horror!

Ok so it's not THAT bad...but it does leave a weird feeling that I am totally out of reach unless I am near wifi. And even then I can't place a call if I needed to!

I'm very much one of those people that stays "plugged in" virtually all hours of the day and night at all times. And these rare moments of separation from that, even just on a drive home, feel weird and not right.

Like I'm naked somehow without my data tech connection.. or even voice services...

I wonder if this is what they mean by internet addiction? Or is it just that I have become so accustomed to and reliant upon having so much at my finger tips that the thought of being without it even for a short period is this off putting?

The annoyance of it aside, and the concern over no phone service as well... I can't help but wonder if this means something that it causes this primal feeling of dread and vulnerability to be so sharply felt?

I can't help but think maybe I need to do some regular unplugging again from the world and refind my local center without the reliance upon all that is out there. To just spend time and read a book - with the kindle wireless turned off of course... with no radio, no satellite radio, no tv, no dvr, no on demand, no xbox live, no sling box, no ipod data usage, no twitter, no facebook, no flickr, no internet...

Just me. In solitude for a scheduled period of isolation to quiet the roar of a world always moving around me.

I'm not sure I can beat the inner geek that far into submission... the idea of it is a bit rattling...

How does one survive techno-nudity without getting the DT's?

While I ponder this question I am going to go see if I can get the phone running again... I really don't want to have to replace it even if it is free to do so... I just got everything the way I want it and the skin all perfect and in place! Plus I really don't want to have to go through the in store madness..

Sigh.. maybe I should just settle for a bit of entertainment TV or a bit of reading and give it up for the night?

Right then, enough whining..