With the advent of the DVR into our homes, and the competition for ratings always the excuse for killing off sometimes fantastic and intelligent shows...WHY are the networks still slaves to the so called "prime time" hours...?

Surely someone has had the thought of "hey - instead of competing in this time slot wouldn't it be great and easier to get more viewership if we could just air outside of this damned narrow box of 3-4 hours a day?!"

So many of us RARELY watch TV at its actual air time. In fact, for myself, I almost NEVER watch my favorite shows when they air. My DVR does all the work for me and collects them to one place for me to watch whenever I want to.

In fact, I would watch a fair amount of other shows and more variety if it weren't for the fact that because everyone wants to cram everything into those few hours I can't schedule my recordings without conflicting. Not without adding at least a third tuner/dvr option. Which I often do with the TiVo in the bedroom.

Instead of scheduling all these shows so close and on top of each other, with half hour shows running in competition with hour long shows and blah blah blah... Why not make use of the overnight hours too, when they are showing low budget infomercials and often crap reruns of shows from years ago?

If I want to watch the old shows - I'll go to the rerun channel's, aka TV Land ,Nick@Nite, or any of a number of cable networks that fill their time slots with great, long since off air, shows.

There just seems to be such a place to not only make money here with more quality programming, to be broken up with higher paying advertising to the networks, that doesn't have to compete to be seen, at least not as vigorously.

There is the argument that with DVR's the commercials aren't seen, and it would be a waste. But I say to that - well I have to fast forward to get through them, so there is still the chance to catch my attention.. unless your on that other channel at the same time and I was forced to make a choice and am not going to see your ad even at a faster speed.

I'm actually not griping here, I have too many shows I enjoy as it is - and it is kinda handy being made to have to CHOOSE what I want to see more. But it just seems like a no brainer idea...

And one that would make things a bit easier for the viewer, more money and opportunity for the networks, and to finally and truly embrace the technology of today and the future.

For an industry that is so much on tech and quality and so on, they still seem to have some really outdated notions on how TV should be done.

I say Prime Time is ALL the time!

Now bring on the smart funny shows that are "too smart to compete", the shows that enrich us, and the great shows that can't find a home. Stop with this nonsense that the market is too small to air a good show at all, just find a different spot because chances are that the people that enjoy and revel in the smart shows are going to be clever and have a DVR in their life, letting them live life on their terms.

The dumbing down of television and pandering to the lowest common denominator viewer must stop. Please allow those of us with higher intelligence requirement thresholds to have the shows we enjoy as well.

You might just find a larger market out there than you think - and not to mention one that has been almost totally ignored, with exception to the rare season of a wonderful show that you yank away from us!

There have been so many smart and funny shows over the years that I have loved, only to have them tossed aside after just 1 season or sometimes less.. Because they were supposedly too smart for mass appeal and thus must be shoved aside for more whacky antics of moronic buffoonery...

The world doesn't have enough CRAP reality TV shows yet...or enough manufactured "Idols"...

Hmm wonder how the latest episode of "Who Wants To Marry A Skeet Shooter" went?