Sometimes we just have to sleep. Our bodies just demand it.

Today I pushed myself and stayed up about 6 hours past my regular bed time of 6am, finally giving up at noon.

In that time I picked up my warranty replacement phone at FEDEX, and loaded all of my information, programmed it, set up my software, and setup my preferred customized settings. It took about an hour and a half or a little less. I am getting fast at this lol. It will be even faster still when I move into my iPhone later this year.

I also managed to completely catch up on EVERYTHING in my DVR to the point of nothing, not even time waster shows, were left! I did a bit of reading which was nice. But I forgot to make two calls that I have been forgetting for nearly 3 weeks now! grumble.

And then off to sleep I went.

This was just another day in a pattern of days that I have had all week...

Tuesday and Wednesday both I laid down for my usual naps. Naps that on the long side are 3 hours, on the normal side are maybe an hour to an hour and a half. But this week they were each nearly 6 full hours!!! And I don't mean I just rolled over and went back to sleep in them, I mean I just slept - didn't wake up - was just dead to the world!

Today was no different in the pattern, except no nap. I laid down at noon and didn't get up till a little after 10pm.. in all that time I woke up at about 2pm but after that, again... I was dead to the world...

I think my body is trying to tell me something. Especially as I am ready to fall asleep again right now, almost 4 hours earlier than normal.

It seems the Sandman feels he's been owed a debt and is collecting with interest!

Perhaps its an intense recharge period being enforced after a few weeks of stress and drain on the energy stores I had built up... perhaps its post rhino virus clean up, or perhaps its just a phase? Who knows....

I do know that it has been some of the most restful and peaceful sleep that I have had in a VERY long time. I have had a few nights here and there that fall into this category. More of recent than in the past. But to have 3 full days of overwhelming sleep and it not be depression, or appetite, or boredom induced.... thats  an extreme rarity for me, and one where I am just out with not waking up... wow.

So I shall continue to listen to my body, and tonight will be an early night. A bit of overtime coming at me this weekend. Which is fantastic! And otherwise a normal week headed my way.

My big goals? Well get through the week in as positive a cocoon of energy as I can muster, hopefully get my new skin shipped for the replaced phone, and get the old phone shipped out on Tuesday or maybe Wednesday.

Oh and Next week is the much postponed and hopefully not moved again, TATTOO WORK!! woo hoo!! It's only taken nearly 3 months to get up there! Just having a bit of rework done by my fave artist! And a great friend whom I can't wait to see!

It's been a delightful and restful weekend. I hope that those of you who are headed into your weekends are able to enjoy them and rest in your preferred style as well as I have in mine.