Wheeeee!! I can't wait. I just love this series. The Books are fantastic, the story is endearing, fun, heart wrenching, exciting, and so much more.

I know it's fun to judge and condem those who enjoy things that have been accepted by the main stream... but damn it I don't care if it was the total outcast.. I just love this series. And that they are becoming movies makes me so much happier!!!

The first movie was rough.. the acting left a LOT to be desired, as well as the effects. The second was a vast improvement. I can't wait to add it to my collection. The third is looking to be as good as or better than the 2nd. And I can't wait till the complete the set!

This will most definitely be a midnight viewing purchase! Just can't wait for June 30th!!

Squee! These are the innocent and little things in life that make it so fun. The trivial and endearingly fun and wonderful stories that we can loose our selves into. The wonder of books that captured my heart and mind now thrown to the screen.

Sometimes you just can't put so much seriousness on life. Sometimes the best possible thing you can do is to just let yourself be carried away with the wonder of the story!

And now a couple of posters I found via the grand google image search!