How do you discuss your blog, your online world, and your goals in real life without sounding self important?

It’s something I wrestle with anytime the subject comes up. I want to express that it’s a place for me to talk, learn, grow, and review what is going on in my life. But that I also want it public, not because I think I’m so interesting or so wonderful, but that with the openness comes a freedom – a releasing of the emotions and baggage involved.

That putting it out in such a way helps to provide perspective and keeps me from being so “in my head”, because it forces me to think and view things from the external perspective, as in how will this look to others? Not that I censor or pander to what I think others will say about it, but as a sort of reality check.

Add to that a desire to want to try and put as much positive impact and energy back into the world in some lasting form. Something that might help someone, somewhere even if I don’t know it. And make them feel less alone on a path of self discovery, whether that be with weight loss, coming to terms with sexuality, or wrestling with their belief system as it relates to spirituality. Or even just the mundane experiences of life…

Not that I feel like I have the corner on truth and how to live, because I know that I don’t.

Something that is very evident in my own journey and efforts to learn more myself. For me it’s more a matter of offering an explanation that makes sense to me, to show that there is a way to resolve the inner conflicts we might have with our desired belief’s and what we actually believe. To finally come to terms with what is the truth that makes sense for each of us. And the knowledge that we must each discover what that truth is, even if it is different from others – and that that is OK.  No matter if we find that truth in well established forms or those that are more fluid and open to the point of inclusion of various points of view.

Basically to say, here this is what I believe, I respect others belief’s and feelings that I may be wrong, because I very well might be. But that acceptance and the pursuit of living an honest, positive, and kind life are noble no matter your belief system. With a strong emphasis on making room for discussion and respect, and not going down the path of exclusion and hatred for that which is different.

These last two paragraphs are a prime example of how hard it is, at least for me, to explain this; especially when you’re trying your best not to be preachy or come across that way.

I sometimes wonder how it appears to others when someone embarks on a very public journey of discovery of themselves. Because, basically that is what I have been doing off and on with blogging for years now, and only recently become more fully immersed in that style of learning.

While I hope that somewhere in this I am able to maybe offer something that someone can relate to and maybe just maybe ease their concerns or questions and feelings of isolation to a topic, it is also very much a documentary of my own journey of social, self, and spiritual acceptance. Of how I come to terms with what I feel in my heart is true and right, not to mention how I learn to cope with the everyday situations, stresses, and challenges of life and the evolution of my own beliefs.

So how do you discuss blogging about your world and what you would like to do without sounding self righteous?

I suppose that if I had a life goal it would be to be in a position to make the lives of those around me better in some way; to give back into a world the only true gift that one can give, caring – loving – positive light/energy. And in that, there are of course the secondary goals, though no less important, of someday finding someone to share and spend my life with, to own my own business that fosters art and creativity (tattoo shops that are welcoming and open to all walks of life, removing the intimidation factor). And more over to just be healthy, happy, and secure. A very common goal… but how we get there is not always common.

Enter the discussion of my journey and public sharing of that journey.

I feel like we all have a voice worth being heard, even if we don’t always agree. We are lights in this world, that are meant to shine, what we choose to do with that light is the choice we must all make. Some will choose selfishness, some will choose divisiveness, but many will choose kindness and love, sharing and support.

And with that feeling I stand here amongst my peers and friends offering my voice to the blogging chorus of the “internets” with hope that in it I find some way to add positive energy back into the world, and maybe find that same energy out in the world to take in on those days that I need the support as well.

So instead of asking how do you discuss having a blog and any goals or topics discussed on it without sounding self righteous… I think it should actually be…

"How do we sing our song into the world with a pleasing positive tune?" - DB