The only things that sound good to me at this point are the ones that are horrible for me.

I find myself craving KFC, Pizza Hutt, and chinese food. And nothing else.

And even these cravings are considerably mild. I just don't have any interest or desire for food. I'm sitting here hungry as can be, and there is absolutely nothing I want.

And I gained again this week - almost fully reversing the nearly 10lbs I had lost.

If I could just find a way to shake these hunger pains and the slight headache that goes with them, I would be perfectly content with not eating a thing at this point. I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse, but right now I am leaning towards curse.

The upside of tonight is that none of these food items is available to me right now. I laid down to take a SHORT nap at 7pm and didn't get up until nearly 2am!!

WTF is up with me and these crazy long naps lately?

Today actually started out really well, I went to NH. Visited with a really great friend and got some work done on an existing tattoo...It was so good to get to catch up. And nice to be back "under the needle's". It's been far too long - and I fear it will be far to long still before I get back again! I need an independent ink sponsor to pay for what I want to get done lol. But it is nice to have my dragons finally touched up!

Headed home and picked up Modern Warfare 2 from a friend at work... and then... I went to weigh in...

Blah! I hate how a damn number can burst a bubble so fast.

Don't really have much else to say at this point... stuck in groggy almost nauseated mode mixed with hunger...

I do have some wonderful news! The first guest post is up on the diet page!!

NEW BLOG POST: The Rice Bowl From Guest Author: @dobiegillis. It looks like something that might just pull me out of this food funk... Gonna give it a try very soon!