The days are quickly counting down! The excitement building!

Soon it will be that wonderful time of year again when the cold winds are howling and the glorious snow is flying!

And I, for one...Can. Not. Wait!

Truly I can appreciate the mild temps and sunshine of spring, the nice part of not having to wear a jacket, and not needing to allow time for snow shoveling... BUT I still prefer the cold windswept nights and days of Winter.

It's such a short season and seems to be shorter all the time.

We are steadily keeping high 50's and low 60's now for temps, which is fine except it makes it a challenge to sleep since it confounds my window ac.

And so begins the move into sweltering temperatures, and blinding light late into the evening. Many are thrilled... some not (me).

What's kind of funny is that they advertise like crazy for the remote car starters in the winter. And people go nuts for them. But they don't talk so much about them in the summer. And me? Well I use mine FAR more often in the summer than I do the winter.

I'm dreading it this year though - since I am at my heaviest weight ever now... it's going to be even more of a challenge to get any kind of physical activity in and be able to tolerate it however mildly.

Still there is some positive "light" in this change. The energies of nature surge to life and are wonderful for the mind, body, and soul...And I will gladly drink them in. From in front of my industrial strength air conditioner...

Oh well at least the hot guys will be wearing less this time of year ;)


PS. yes I just did a blog post about the weather - this is cyber small talk lol... They can't all be gem's lol