Sometimes being a geek is great – sometimes it’s a pain.

Many times I feel like I know what I want to do – but that other developers have made it that much more difficult for no obvious reason.

Tonight I finally came up with a theory as to WHY the screen keeps turning back on with my windows mobile phone. And why its only when I am at work that it seems to be the worst issue.

A “feature” of the phone is that when it detects and connects to something, be it wifi – Bluetooth – etc… it kicks the screen on. My theory is that because the cell signal is such crap in our office it is dropping out all together and then when it kicks back in the phone lights up light Christmas since it has found a new connection or reconnection. I have gone through every setting I can find and NOTHING will stop that. So my next logical step would be to go to the registry and flip that darn bit to a zero! But wait.. WinMo doesn’t allow you to access the registry!

For that you have to BUY a third party app to hack into the device. I mean honestly … it’s a smart phone – allegedly smart people will be using it… so why not give them access to set the damn thing up like they want it!?!

I get so tired of software companies that think they are so smart, that  feel like it’s their obligation to think for their customers.

Granted some forethought and anticipation is key, and appreciated. But at least offer the option to take a step back if the customer so chooses.

I am so tired of fighting with quirky phones… While the geek in me is good at finding work-arounds, even if I have to annoy every other geek in the country for the how to… It’s just become beyond old and annoying at this point to have to work around anything. Especially when there is a perfectly good option out there that doesn’t require this level of manipulation.

And with that I’m right back to dearly hoping for the iPhone and SOON! If I knew who to suck up to, which person to beg and plead with, I would do it. But c’mon Verizon! Time to get with it and do what it takes to get the superior device on the roster of players for you!

Enough is enough…You’ve let too much opportunity go by already. And your customers are sick of waiting. So tired in fact that we are willing to do almost anything including paying your stupidly high contract termination fee’s even when we have completed more than a year of the said contract with no discount on the term fee’s.

This should tell you something.

This daily battle with my phone is wearing on me more and more. The new phone is a vast improvement from the last one I had, but it’s still a battle I am fast loosing what little patience I have left.

And with that I shall step down off my soap box for at least another night…

Off for a bit of Caprica and Spartacus!