Sometimes the mood just strikes, and when it does it takes out everyone in its path.

Sometimes it's as though there is laughing gas pumped into a room.. thats ok too...

Tonight was one of those nights where much good and busy work was done - but in a mood and atmosphere of silliness and laughter. It's amazing how professional one can be while simultaneously doing a Yoda, Fat Albert, or Mickey Mouse impression...

Laughter really can be the best medicine ever. Maybe not always for the body but certainly for the soul. A soul without laughter, is a dark and scary place. A soul with laughter is a bright, comforting positive place. And thats the space I choose to reside in.

What's nearly as much fun is trading ghost stories, true real live experiences with the paranormal, and not having people look at you like you have 37 heads. And even with a skeptic there that is willing to listen and contemplate with interest, weighing against their own belief's without judging. That is truly refreshing!

I work with some of the best people I could ask to work with. Some others leave something to be desired, but thats ok - it would be scary if there weren't those who showed us what not to do lol.

All in all I couldn't have asked for a better Sunday, short of being home to watch the Bristol race live... which I will now go watch the recording of..