Throughout life we are presented with choices, chances, and conundrums...

The decisions we make in these moments define who we are and where we want to go. And sometimes, if your very lucky, you get to make a choice easily and help make someone else's life a bit better at the same time!

Tonight I had the chance to be the bit of good luck in someone's bad luck situation.

I was headed home from my 10hr shift with no real plans beyond coming home to write a bit here and watch Castle... But as I was leaving the parking lot I was flagged down by a friend and a co-worker. Her truck would run but wouldn't go forward or back...

I hopped out and helped push the truck out of the main road and then got back into my own to head home. Knowing that she and the neighbor who was riding with her both lived about 45 minutes away. I couldn't help but feel I needed to do more.

I saw she was on her cell calling home for a ride, but that would have meant someone having to load up 3 kids at 130 in the morning and drive out and back.

It was a simple decision.

Pulling up I offered to drive them home. I think they were a bit shocked given that I live just 10 minutes from the office, but the offer was genuine, and I was happy to do it!

Sometimes we are presented with a chance to bank a bit of good karma.. and what southern boy raise right could leave two women sitting in the dark in a broken down truck in the middle of a rain storm?! My Mama raised me better than that!

They offered me a bit of gas money which was fantastic, but a lack of it wouldn't have deterred me.

Now I'm not writing this to toot my own horn or any such, in fact I am writing it for two other reasons.

The first being that I wanted to express my thanks to the ladies here for allowing me to be their luck and help in a bad situation.

And second to just say we all have a chance to do things in our lives that can help others, even things that are small to us but that can be huge to others. We simply have to take to moment to recognize them and then act.

Tonight I got to be the help in the night and the comfort to a friend. So in that they did me the favor!

Keep your eye's peeled you never know when you might get a chance to be someone's good luck!