I have tried very hard to stay out of this discussion, because I know where I stand and I'm ok with it. I also know that I am sick to death of dealing with being called names in my life and treated like an idiot for daring to have a different opinion. One of the reasons I was glad to move out of the south.

I wanted to place just a single FB comment to it, but alas I was sucked in again. I just don't want the stress of political arguments in my life anymore. I know what I believe, I know where I stand, I am OK with it. AND I don't need to defend it to ANY! ONE!

So I will say this, I am happy that the HCR passed, I am not thrilled with all that is in it and all that was left out, but that is what compromise is. And I am sick and tired of what was 8 years of self piety and fear-mongering that is still going on and now just for the sake of saying no to be contrary without HONEST real reasons.

And so the above is the Prefect Artistic Rendering of what I see in my head when the Rethuglicans jump up and down about HCR and the attempts to take any step forward in HELPING AMERICANS.

Actually it's what I see in my head anytime I think of them and when they are yelling about any program that is actually meant to help the country.

They were all for the war for oil and lies. But try and help people here at home and whoa watch your wig there Alice they will come at you with racial/sexuality slurs and call you things like Baby Killer!

Then there are the ones yelling for impeachment. And I can't help but to ask, where was this outcry during the last administration over the illegal war and death's of 1000's of soldiers and 10's of 1000's of civilians?

Oh thats right they were busy calling Cindy Sheehan a traitor for wanting to know WHY her son died, and having the temerity to demand the answer of the man who sent her son there. Oh and trying to convince America that same sex marriage would destroy the country (they are still on about that lie).

And then there was the Diagnosis from on high and from the Senate well by the lovely representative from TN who was once a practicing doctor but then a pandering kickback taking politician. The disHonorable Bill Frist who proposed to diagnose  Terri Schiavo via closed circuit television.

And now all of the sudden they care about fiscal matters. Unfortunately they still don't care about what is best for Americans and America. They just keep getting distracted with wedge issues and how much money they can bilk into their personal accounts via special interests and tax breaks for themselves.