Hello my friends,

It's wonderful to see you all here eager and ready to hear the word. Today I have selected a classic tale, one of preventable frustration and woe.

Too many people in our society walk around wrapped in the idea that faith without effort will protect them all on its own. That without linking up and syncing themselves to a greater source, they will be just fine when something goes wrong. And something WILL always go wrong when you least want it to.

These fine people, misguided though they might be, nearly always learn the hard way that something so simple as seeking a larger source could have saved them so much heart ache and lost efforts.

What I'm talking about of course is...


In the last month or so I have come across 3 people at least who were caught unaware or running at risk. And I myself came very near disaster!

Yes me! I had lost sight of the concept that one copy is not a back up. I nearly lost my "backup storage drive" where I had been loading gigs of video and data storage that wasn't also on another machine. Thankfully I was able to recover the drive with some help of a good friend. But oh the anguish of having almost lost nearly 200 gigs of data.

I now back up ALL of my data off site to an online storage company for safe keeping, and my systems are set to back up daily. So that heaven forbid a thief or disaster strikes my home at least I will be able to recover my data when the insurance check comes in.

I can't express how IMPORTANT it is to back up everything, your phone, your pda, your laptop, your pc, your external storage device, your camera, whatever...

Back it up to something local, AND back it up to something that is not even in the same city/state. Unless you want to burn discs and mail them to Aunt Sally on the opposite coast or boarder then your next step is to find a "cloud" service that offer's online redundant back up.

I chose Mozy.com because of its compatibility with my slightly older MAC. 4.95/mo gets me unlimited storage. There are other services out there as well such as my other favorite which is Carbonite.com.

So go now! Go my children! Race to your devices, back them all up and prevent a day of crushing anguish and unneeded effort wasting on re-collecting all of your data and contacts over again. You need not be robbed of your time and data.

Link up, sync up, BACK UP! It's safe, fast, and easy! Your friends, family, geeks, and country will thank you!