I actually have no clue what I want to write about tonight. I have been sitting here for twenty minutes and 3 titles and have no clue.

A friend suggested the topic of age denial. I considered writing on a discovery of confidence felt by some when I am on the clock, I have even thought about writing a full on cancelation notice of next weeks events. (Birthday)

I wanted to get just a few things done this week, mainly cleaning and putting laundry away. Yeah none of that happened. In fact I've not been out of the apartment even to check the mail since Tuesday afternoon. Which is fine because that was the plan. But it just doesn't leave one with much to discuss.

I could go on and on about the second official week of my on again off again migraine that won't stop. I could discuss the airport scene in Modern Warfare 2. Or there is the ever popular continued struggle with my desires for an iPhone.

None of which are particularly interesting... especially at this point.

I did re-watch New Moon last night and it was just as good as I remembered. I can't wait to dive back into the book series. I actually should already be back into it, but the Star Wars novel I couldn't wait for release on is still a work in progress because I haven't touched it in two weeks. Ugha, I still need to just get hardcore and delete more shows from my watching list.

Ok yeah that was all  I had... Blog Fail... sigh