It's funny the tone, the tenor, and rhythm of speech that sometimes infiltrates our patterns and senses.

I find it very acceptable to slide into the speech patterns used of ancient Roman depictions. For ex. HBO's Spartacus.

Whats funnier still is that I don't do it intentionally, it just comes about and then I take notice. Perhaps it's my appreciation for the history of the period, and the time I've given to its study, however informal. But it just feels a bit natural to me. Who knows maybe I spent a past life living in or about the wonders of Rome, hopefully not the side of misery and starvation.

Though it is truly a blend of the past and the present when my speech patterns shift. And likely not a pretty blend at that...

It's a funny thing history, we know it is there, and in it we find wonders that never cease. We also find many horror's to today's standards, and many by the standards of that day as well. But so little of it is completely known, from truth and from text.

Some have been saying that perhaps Spartacus is being gory and over the top to try to shock. While I admit that may be the goal, given the subject matter of gladiators and the games, I don't feel, in this instance, that the intent to shock is met with creations of pure fiction for fiction sake. There is a heavy balance of truth to the matter. These were not pretty times. And even the civilized were barbaric in so much of their lives.

Oh the differences of a social value set and time. Look how far we have come with knowledge, education, and respect. Look how far we must still yet go.

Oh and to those who say the US is not the new Roman Republic and point to no games as an evidence, have you not heard of the UFC or WWE? We still have the games, now though less of a bloodsport most of the time, and often times scripted but the thirst is still there and still met.

Why, there are even bathhouses still in operation to this day in parts of the country all over. And while we have moved past slavery in the literal terms thankfully - we are still very very much a class driven society.  Also let us not forget the religious zealotry of the time, and the acolytes that did the bidding of a number of Gods and Goddess' all convinced of their sanctity and divinity. And let us not forget that before Rome was an Empire it was a Republic.

A small detail that our leaders would have you not remember. While we elect democratically those who would write, vote, and decide our laws. The fact that we elect others to cast our votes for us is the definition of a republic. "I pledge allegiance to the flag, and the republic for which it stands..."

Yup we are a Republic spreading democracy... I fear too many have forgotten the difference and that the terms have just become catch phrases at this point.

But I digress....

History is full of stories from all countries, why even in one of the most legendary epics being told today we caught a glimpse of history on its path. Lost just recently gave us the history and story of one Richard Alpert. Or Ricardo...Dropping us squarely in the Spanish history...

From his life shattered in his attempt to save his wife from consumption/TB, to the loss of his wife and his freedom in that endeavor.. to his eventual enslavement and freedom through service with life immortal. Now THAT was an episode! WOW! Best of the series yet! But to see the brief glimpse of how history has lead even this fictional story to its current point. Why its amazing how many stories we've yet to learn, and how many that have been long forgotten. And with the ones that we do remember we are given just enough to write our own historical fiction.

And then there are the stories that have already been told, and will be told again. This has happened before, and it will happen again.

In the mid-season finale of Caprica we saw the revolt and escape of slavery into freedom. The attempt of the bound to reach for its chance. The story of loss, of revelation, and lack of desire to stand in it all.

This has happened before, and it will happen again.

I am quite anxious to see the return of Caprica and where it goes in the story. So much build up, and finally some momentum and all of the sudden a mid season break! I dearly hope we are off to the races when the series returns.

This has happened before, and it will happen again.

In each of these stories there is history, there is struggle for freedom, there is evolution, and there is a conclusion of sorts, but just as one era ends another begins. The path of time does not stop neatly but merely carries on relentlessly. And with it our souls and societies continue to grow, evolve, change, and sometimes fall. And in each new place it has happened before, and it happens again. The terms all apply, but the implications and applications varied slightly and greatly.

Even our entertainment of fiction follow these paths over and through.

There is a pattern in the chaos, will we recognize our own path through the melee and come out victorious or will we fall to the hands of doomed repetition? Fate only carries our souls so far, we must first present ourselves to the fate that is truly ours and not fall victim to that of our own doing.

So now that I've rambled on a bit in an odd sort of pattern... It's off to The Vampire Diaries for me, with lots of hunky vamps and almost tough girls lol..