And finally the weekend has arrived. And with it my latest birthday on the horizon.

I've not been this happy, and this uncomfortable at the same time in a very very long time.

More than most, this past week has been one that could be best described as "hell on wheels rolling into a clusterfuck of historic proportions." But it COULD have been worse. I am absolutely worn out though. I have spent this week alternately fighting a lack of energy, an off again/on again migraine (3rd week), irritating situations, and keeping my frustrations in check.

Some of these things I did better than others.

I let my frustrations seep through more than I actually would have preferred last night...see previous post...and had to make sure I paid the proper respect to anyone who might have on an outside chance seen it and wondered where it was directed.

While I think I probably should have restrained a bit more, I DO feel like I was appropriately vague where needed. And in such a way that only those with a guilty conscious could take offense. But still it just shows how much more work I have left to do on repelling the negative energy generators in my life, and modify how I allow them to affect me.

I'm going to call it a learning experience.

This week was also just one of 6 in a row that are going to be BUSY at work... and not busy in the good way... though I do hope I am proven wrong on this one.

I did actually seem to perfect the pattern for my meds to keep the migraine in check.. so that is a good thing. Though I am still struggling with the discomfort of the upcoming birthday. It is just bothering me blah...

And now I face the nerve wracking adventure of being out socially with people in a real public place and all my anxiety that goes with it. But I really think it will be good for me, I've just got to keep telling myself that. I still can't believe the generosity and kindness that has been offered my way for my birthday this week. I didn't expect it and certainly was not going to solicit it.

It really is an adventure of surprises in life where the positive energy will sneak up and lunge at you. I am humbled and appreciative of this fact and the act it is tied to.

In just a few short hours Mom is going in for the 1st of two surgeries for cataract removal and stigmatism lens corrective surgery. She will have the other eye done in a week or two.

It's times like these I really wish I were able to be home to help out. But I know that she is in good hands so that helps!

And now that the week is truly and completely catching up to me... I'm out!


P.S. OUTSTANDING JOB JOEY LOGANO #20!! That was a great performance at Martinsville and a much deserved finish! Keep it up and you till be winning them left and right in no time at all!!