Birthdays are an ever increasingly difficult thing for me. I really don't have a good reason other than the cliché's of getting older and seeing the things I've not yet done in my life. For ex. fall in love.

I tend to run a bit raw and emotional when this particular anniversary comes around. So that in addition to all the other neurosis and issues I have, I end up less in control and more likely to over react.

I did that early this morning. I'm not saying that I regret my emotions or what was said. I do regret that I didn't have more restraint and that I unloaded it all at one person. And for that I mad a public apology just as I made the public scene. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no matter how painful to others they might be.

I just wish I had a thicker skin and was better able to shrug off the pain of those opinions. Or better yet, not even care.

This Birthday went down a bit easier than expected though with the surprise dinner and drinks that happened. I also slept through nearly all of the daylight hours of it.

It was a nice evening of conversation, laughter, and good food.

Today I am thankful for the moments in life that are not always expected and the good that can come from them.

And now I shall strive ever harder to learn from these mistakes and these good moments to turn them all into better moments.

Thanks to everyone for all of the Birthday Wishes. I'm going to go cuddle with a kittie now and relax with another adult beverage now that I am home for the night.