Sometimes in life we find things that we enjoy a great deal, but then somehow we forget all about them. Orange soda for example, I have loved virtually all my life but hadn't had a drop in probably close to two years or more. And then one day... POOF! The addiction returns lol .. Thank heavens they make diet orange soda now!

And then there are the things we haven't even experienced, yet we become obsessed with them.

Enter the Apple iPad...

I swear when it was first announced I was left feeling a bit let down. I wasn't overly excited about it and its options. BUT as with most good Apple products the addiction is a sneaky one. That first taste is always the one where we say, "I can stop any time I want, its just for fun!" Then big money and rehab later... we are still just ask hooked.

It's likely and truly for the best, but honestly I have tried a couple of different ways to obtain enough credit to purchase one of these little gems. Instead I am just going to have to wait. And darn it my inner nerd, and outer geek, are just NOT good at that.

Hopefully come June the announcement will finally happen of a new iPhone and that it will be for Verizon. This should sufficiently distract me for at least five minutes.

By the middle of February I want to have in my possession an iphone, ipad, new TV with HD tivo and blu ray, And I want to have my credit card paid off.

I smell a SERIOUS challenge in this. GAD* truly is a powerful monkey to have on ones back. But at least it comes with cool stuff!


*GAD: Gear Acquisition Disorder - the relentless need to have the latest and coolest tech and or related gear.