This weekend I am attempting a fun little experiment. I am going to see if I can make it from Friday morning to Tuesday morning without posting, reading, or responding to anything on Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr.

The only exception I have made has been to continue my year long goal of maintaining a post a day here. Which will of course auto-post to FaceBook and Twitter.

This first day was an interesting experiment. It certainly felt odd to be cut off from the "world" as it were. And I now know that I am not nearly ready to completely unplug from email and text messages also. But at the same time it has been rather liberating. Knowing that there is nothing to catch up on, no new tweets, no new wall posts, nothing.

If I have learned anything thus far it is that I really need to reevaluate how much time in my life I am giving over to social media. While I greatly enjoy twitter/Facebook and the communication and friendship it brings, I have discovered that I likely need to give up on many of the "celebrity" follow's I have set up and refocus primarily on the people that I consider friends and contacts so that I can be a better friend and contact.

Facebook is another beast all together. I think that rather than checking in a couple or 6 times a day, it likely needs to be cut back to once a day at most, and maybe even less than that. This may also mean I trim down my Facebook lists as well.

I will likely still maintain any communication via comments left or messages sent but as for keeping up with everyone all day long, well not only is that a huge task, but its one that is taking away from the time I spend LIVING my own life.

I am really rather looking forward to seeing what I feel like at the end of this experiment and how bad the withdrawals get. I already have a picture with a caption that I dearly wanted to tweet and post today...

But I resisted....

So on we go with this little experiment in unplugging from social media as well as learning to reclaim much of the time in my own life. I can't wait to crack open a book and just sit and read again.

I think one of the other things I will be adding to the results of this experiment is there is going to be a ruthless run through of my TiVo season passes and elimination of which shows I actually care about watching and the ones that I just have a mild interest in but really can be fine with never seeing again. I know of at least 2 right now that likely are going to be "deleted".

To all my friends in the social media web, I miss you guys and will be back soon!

For now I am off to bed really early for a weekend of overtime overtime overtime!!

Let me hear that cash register ring!! KA-CHING!