And just like that I wasn't jonesing and catching myself having to resist checking in on anything on the social web.

While I miss the communication, and seeing what's going on with my net friends, I am finding that I enjoy the time to myself as well. I feel like I am missing a great deal because I know everyone else is still posting, but with the imposed hiatus there is a lack of that "need" to check in.

I still say it's liberating.

I WILL be glad to be back on the grid on Tuesday, and will attempt to catch up some, but there is no way I can do so fully without spending an entire day at it.

And so, I won't.

It's rather nice to come home and not feel like "oh I gotta check in and get caught up!" Instead I can come home and just do my quick posting and focus there, then go decompress from another day of challenging personalities and relax with my choice of TV, Xbox 360, or a book.

This does confirm that I will be trimming down dramatically not just the twitter people I follow (celebs, general curiosity, etc), but I will also be doing the same with many of the same on Facebook. Add to that a no holds barred shakedown on TiVo and I might just get back with flickr some, and actually read a book again.

I've gotten to read a few pages here and there already and what a glorious thing it is!!! I didn't realize just how much I have missed it!

I feel like I am reclaiming part of my life almost. But in a way I can't really explain. It's as though I was living my life for keeping up and keeping online, but now I can see a path to living my life for me with a healthy dose of keeping up with my contacts all over the country and globe.

As I have mentioned once before a key, I feel, to life is "all things in balance. This bit of perspective has allowed me to see where the balance needs to be corrected.

Now if only I could summon the willpower I need to correct the balance in other parts of my life as well... A step at a time I suppose.

Well one OT day done, one more to go...