"Patience makes lighter what sorrow may not heal."

That was my fortune cookie tonight. And while it is basically just a fancy way of saying, time heals all wounds... It sounds a helluva lot better. I'm not usually one for cliché's but in some cases there are some truths in them, not to mention wisdom.

While we can't always just let go instantly and move on, in many things we must otherwise our lives lack balance and things start going awry.

While much of "fortune cookie wisdom" is based in common sense or just plain silliness, sometimes you come across a few that are worth remembering.

There are a great number of things and moments in my life that the memories still bring me pain from, some are loss- some embarrassing moments. It's like living them over again. Even at a distance of more than 10 years. But the nice part is you can choose to not think about them and move forward again.

All things in balance.

Without balance we do not reach our potential, and will never find our peace in this life.

Today was a very tempting day, on more than a couple of occasions I really wanted to dive back into Twitter and check in with my friends on FaceBook. But I held out and I am happier for it, because I am working towards completing a goal.

Though this test might not fully be fair since I am doing it on my work days.

Perhaps I should extend it through the off days as well and prove to myself that I can find more and productive ways to fill my time and life.

Instead though, I think with this experiment it will be a good time to rejoin the online world on Tuesday and really start making the changes I need to make to help put my time spent back in better balance with my life.

Life really is just funny that way... the simplest can often be the most elusive goals to reach or even realize are the goals we should strive for.

Now then I'm off for some relaxation and time with the cats that will not leave me alone right now!!!

Great now I have a Prince song stuck in my head.... 10 points to the person who names it...