Tonight is the last night that I will be abstaining from all social media on the internet.

It's been an interesting experience. One I likely won't soon repeat willingly. But educational, and relaxing too.

Last night I trimmed out a number of shows from my season passes on the TiVo, including some I have been watching for 5+ years... but honestly watch just out of habit now, not because they are all that good. For ex. Desperate Housewives. While still good, and fun, I am just done with the ride. And rather ready for it to be over.

Even if John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness from Doctor Who, Torchwood) is in it. And I do love me some Cap'n Jack!! oh my!!

There are a couple more shows that will go the wayside soon as well. But not by my doing, instead one is a 10 part mini series (The Pacific) and the other is in its last season (Ugly Betty), which I am NOT AT ALL HAPPY ABOUT!!!

But ya know what? It's great to know there will be more time now for just reading, watching a movie without having to schedule time to do it, or playing a video game and not feel like I am getting behind on my "scheduled tv shows". It's part OCD, and part lack of life to fill it. Now I just have to fill that bit of time with LIFE!

And while I am still resisting the urge to add some back, like Desperate Housewives, I feel like resisting it and winning will be good AND fulfilling.

I hope...

In other news while I have been away, I am eliminating mayonnaise and a large portion of cheese from my diet, and am going to try to get my big lazy butt out to walk at least a little bit as many days as I can stand it.

I am guessing it won't be very many or at least for long periods for a while.. but ya gotta start somewhere I suppose.

For now I am going to go enjoy this last evening before I dive back into the digital world fully, and enjoy my scaled back bit of DVR recordings, and who knows maybe even a bit of reading or a video game!! *GASP*


*Please note that the above images are NOT mine. They were found via google image search.