Fingers first I dove right back into the web today with both fists!

It is great to be back on Twitter and to be back in touch with people on Facebook. But one great thing I have pulled from the time off is that nagging feeling of having to catch up or the world might end or that I might miss something huge... is gone.

I feel confident and back in control of my time. I check in with twitter more often than facebook.  Facebook will likely become something of once or maybe twice a day as I had hoped. And I more than halved the number of people I follow on twitter. So now the tweets I go through are the ones that I want to see and not the ones that I might want to see at some one random point in time.

I've even come to enjoy the scaled back aspect of what records on my TiVo. It's like I have been given a whole extra set of hours in the day. What an amazing feeling.

And speaking of that extra time... I'm gonna go use it right now.  I have a couple of things I need to take care of before bed and the dentist tomorrow, and one of them is Modern Warfare 2.