Wandering through the world, we gather and discard. Our souls collecting and shedding that which we want, that which we need. Some are destined to passion, some destined to greed.

Our lives lost in continuious motion. We move ever fluidly, like rain down a window. Our path changing with every unseen force.

Every energy, every light... every darkness pulls our destiny. We guide and we gather. We shove and we shatter.

Anger breeds destruction, embraced, and expelled. Embraced in it, we burn in our own hell.

Life moves without cessation, time a bitch that will not be tamed. Lost in the motion our souls reign through the world like harbingers of potential. What do we bring, good tidings or hells furry?

Ever changing our motives, our means, methods, and devices. Life does not stand still waiting idly for our decision. Always in motion the world just spins.

Time's cruel vengence, lurking for our end.

The seasons flow, the sun makes it's path. Blazing through time marking OUR path it laughs.

Lost in the motion, standing still does not fill that which we require to reach our lives most precious...

Love a whisper on the wind, once caught and sometimes lost. Never the same place, never the same shape. All the worlds rage, all the worlds hate, love turned wrong side out and spat out in our face.

A desire for control, power, and fame. We run our lives in stop motion as though we have control.

Withered in darkness, lost in the motion, life stands in its pain.

Life never ceases, time drags us forward. We move in the flow of the world, with love and energy, hate and desire, compassion and greed... all things that drive us outside and inside our every deed.

Lofty goals are set, good intentions always the end. But as the wise man once said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, especially those built in sin. Stepping on souls, crashing through dreams, we step into the light to find our place in the stream.

Life lost in motion, a pause does not serve. You must grab to the wind, and ride its surf. Rise to the occaison, stand tall of the hate. Reach for the whisper of love on the air.. stand out of the darkness, but never stand still.

Life moves with swiftness, such power it kills. Stand firm stand ready, but never stand still.

Life lost to the motion is what happens when you stand.......S.T.I.L.L.

Shattered broken souls line the banks of the river, our lives move  on, the remains of those who lost their way in a world careening in motion. Souls stranded in stillness, hearts aching with rage. Love does not visit, Love does not stand. Love does not care of our age.

Souls that retch, souls that scream! Crying out for the promised land of life found in the motion. Souls stuck in the stillness, lives lost to the motion.

A swirl of dark mist, moves through the world... picking and plucking, dropping, and dipping. A moment here, a moment there. Each step in the river. A life moves through the time, lost in the fear.

Worlds do collide, lives shift in kind. A dark swirl moves through our time.

Vengence and anger. Love and desire. Anger breeds hate, Love breeds.. fire.

Fire that withstands, fire that dances... on the river of motion... there to shatter the swirl of darkness in this our world.

Lost in the motion, caught in the battle, our souls stand up.. some they can't handle. Our worlds shift imperceptibly, outside of deep vision. Standing in light, we loose our vision. The darkness consumes, devours and throws back. The fire dances still, reaching in and driving back.

A scent on the wind, that love we all know. A scent we may not recognize, but know when we grow. Life lost in the motion, time never stands still.

Without pause, without wait, we stand ever ready... Soaring and dancing on the river of life with the fire of love we will not fall in darkness, but rise in light.