GAD is a vicious and hateful disorder. It can drive a person to make decisions that stand outside better judgement. It can disrupt sleep, and raise anxiety levels.

And most of all it can lead to new tech laying around and bank accounts feeling a bit thin.

GAD is of course short for Gear Acquisition Disorder. So named by no medical institution and is the excuse, er reasoning, posited by the author here.

I am currently in the throws of a serious bout with this little gremlin. All over the iPad.

For the last weeks I have talked myself into and out of it at least 6 times each per day. And now I have discovered a web store that I trust that is  selling them new and which accepts one of my existing lines of credit.

With all the pieces in place, all the options standing in front of me, and the only thing standing between me and it is my shaky will power. Will I finally win one of these struggles or will I just give in and do what is likely going to happen anyway? Make the purchase.

I truly hope to put this decision to rest at some point tonight. I just don't know what it will be.

So how do you beat this disorder, you realize you don't have the money and that the only way to get around it is to pay more for the item than you should via ebay.