Some days the inner bitch just will not be ignored.

This is one of those days.

With all of my restraint, I have resisted saying FULLY what has been on my mind at times today. That is not to say that some things didn’t get said. And ya know what? I don’t care.

But why reign in the bitch inside? What good does it do to be nice all the time when you just get walked on?

I keep being told that I am far to nice even for my own good. And honestly I don’t see that as a bad thing most of the time. But there are limits.

And I am at mine.

I’m just over covering other peoples asses, and the recognition officially going to them and not to the people who actually did the work or fixed the work of those who get the credit.

I’m seriously not one to go after credit like its life blood. But damn it when someone does the work, and feeds the info to the other person in the name of helping out and pride in the job one does, and then the other person is touted as the example.

Well gee….

And so now I am fully in the middle of a bitchtastic mood that has the potential to become a full on bitch fit of epic proportions. Though my hope is to make it home first where it will not land on anyone at close range or undeserving.

Honestly I just am over it, and don’t want to think or talk about it anymore today.