So the douche bag that I ordered with on eBay (read as "won the auction from") started out by claiming that he couldn't and wouldn't ship until the funds that were safely paid in his paypal account had transfered to his checking account.

I became suspicious instantly.

After pressing him a bit on this, he conceded that the funds should be in his account on Monday 04/12.

He then sent me confirmation that he was going to overnight ship the iPad to me this evening after he got out of work, and send me a paypal for the difference in shipping costs.

What actually happened was at about 11pm I got an email that he had issued me a refund because someone locally had given him twice! what I paid for the iPad, thats 1200.00 bucks for the base model iPad for those of you keeping score at home.

Who in their right mind would drop that kind of cash on the base model and not just go to the Apple Store and buy the top of the line???

And so the refund would have been ok, irritating, but OK. Except! he did it via eCheck - which means now I have to wait 3-5 days for the payment to clear and post to my account and then pay it to my buyer credit before I can do ANYTHING else at all.

I REALLY wish there was something far worse that I could do than leave negative feedback, though it did drop him from a perfect 100% rating to a 66.7% rating, which was a bit satisfying.

I have filed a formal complaint with eBay for whatever that is worth, and I fully intend to pursue this for my full money.

So now I wait... simmering in a full blow state of GEEK RAGE. And hope that an option presents to work around this.


I just am now forced to wait for a time period that should not have happened.

In all the years I have used eBay and Half.Com this is the only time I can say I have ever truly had a full on negative issue. Even the time that the seller took my money for a dvd box set over 100 bucks and never shipped and then closed his account didn't rise to this level. And that was refunded instantly.

I will say that so far I find no fault with eBay on this. And I hope to continue to be able to say that.

Now if only I knew someone in Long Beach CA that could have a heart to heart discussion about not being a douche with this seller.

I direct your attention to that which I live by, Wheatons Law: Don't be a dick!

Fingers Crossed....