For the last several days I have been having some odd dreams. Dreams that disturb, dreams that distress, and dreams that depress.

I have had dreams of my mothers house catching on fire, of receiving news that she has passed away, and then I have had the recurring dream of love found that doesn't really exist.

The first dream was rich, vivid, in color, and as if I were viewing from outside the situation.

All of the hallmarks of dreams I have had in the past for dreams that have ended up in reality at some point in the future. These scare me the most, and are rarely ever good dreams. I have learned to take them as great warnings, and to reach out when I have them.

Thats just what I did, I woke up and immediately sent an email.

I'm not claiming to be psychic by any means, but I know of plenty of non "sensitive" people who have had experience with odd forms of communication of traumatic events before they happen etc.

And if I hadn't already had a history in my life of experiencing that first hand, I wouldn't believe it now.

I think having opened myself to energies around me has made it easier for me to connect in general with the world and life around me. One of those things is the energy received in messages. Although I wish just once it would be good news or lottery numbers. Or heck that I could use it in a more full on way. But noooo only when I'm asleep and the bad stuff is coming.


I am really hoping that this one does NOT come to pass that maybe it can be headed off...

But this does mean that I seem to be side-slipping back into a more balanced state where the "energy" in my life is not so blocked up. Just gotta keep working at it.

As for the second dream, that was last night.

What a distressing dream.

It was all very real but also in black and white'ishness... Getting a phone call, being told that my mother has passed, and being refused answers when asked how... It was as though in the dream itself I went through the full emotions of that event. So much so that it has carried over into my waking life.

And the last dream... well that is just the normal haunt that comes around from time to time... I just wish it was easier to shake the resulting depression once reality has set in that the dreamed love and romance doesn't exist....

So now.. I'm off to bed, hopeful for a happier dreamscape this time around...