I love it when good days sneak up on me. And by good I mean a nice calm night at work where nothing went batshit crazy. Well... nothing that required a big bunch of stressful extra work anyway.

And by extra work I mean having to deal with the annoying people. :)

We went through the evening in relative peace, the first such Friday in more weeks than I can remember. There were no major detail issues, no trying to put out a fire with no source. Just the peace of doing the job and things working out OK.

Then the lights went out.

In a bright blue flash of arcing energy, and with a loud boom...the lights went out and the generator roared to life.

The light and boom were the death throws of an ill fated transformer crying out into the darkness one last time.

It's just lovely how the computers in my office work, while the lights don't.

But the rest of the building, lights and computers all work together. Honestly though, I can't complain. We were able to keep on working, nothing got behind, and the darkness was actually quiet perfect for helping relieve the start of an evil headache.

Today I am thankful for the kind friends in my life, the surprise peaceful days where even the unexpected is a blessing, for the camaraderie of co-workers who are ever pleasant to work with, and the peaceful quiet from those people in my life who are less than low stress.

And now?

Well now it's time to go watch the season finale of Spartacus: Blood and Sand!