The week has ended. A fresh new weekend arrived.

The sun is my future, and rest is my plan.

Life returned to peace, trends held true.

From me I wish only peace for all of you.

Home at last, I am ready to settle in to watch todays rain delayed race, and then to catch up a bit on the weekends DVR labors. And tomorrow I will be headed off to have dinner and enjoy some hanging out time with some good friends.

After delighting in the leaked prototype (or accidental flub of a likely soon to be ex employee of Apple) I am now more excited than ever for the new iPhone and ever hopeful that there will be a version for Verizon, though this prototype does not appear to do anything to support those hopes. I am still quite optimistic.

One just has to be sometimes.

It's been an interesting week for sure. One where I have doubted myself, and questioned wether I have become difficult to work with among my co-workers, a concern that was shot down, or if its just a case of my own self paranoia and doubts.

I think I am just tired of myself at the moment.

Time to find a way to fix that.

I think the balance is still just out of sync at this point in time. I simply MUST find my peace and and regain the balance I was so close to perfecting!

It CAN be done.  It WILL be done!