My first collaborative work ever. The video is the work of Shawn Carpenter. I had the privilege and pleasure of writing the story to go with this work and it was quiet a lot of fun! And it is soooo cool to see this in completed form!!


The Story:

Into the night, into the darkness… Wandering with FEAR and the embodiment of ANGER.

A trail of shattered souls he leaves in the night. A collector of pain, a harbinger of rage. Bringing love to it’s final destruction...

Traveling the wrong way in a one way world.

A tormented soul in motion, never ceasing to add another broken shroud to his darkness.

His purpose lost to time. Traveling with Fear and angerThey are his companions, his friends, his tools, his….weapons.

Moving through the night, a shadow on our lives, brushing homes filled with the light of bright souls. Ever closer, ever deeper he moves.

Just on the edge of psychotic rage.

He travels with a purpose... A cold dark dagger, his mind works its wicked schemes to shake its next victims world to its knees. His journey never ends, its purpose one of evil.

Lost in his darkness he wanders through the night, searching for the next.

Lost in the darkness, out of the light... Stands a stranger, a companion.... your future, in fright.

Look quickly or you’ll not see, the silence he brings, and all you’ll hear is your last fade to black.

Director/Producer/Actor/Editor/Cameraman: Shawn Carpenter. Follow him on Twitter At: SPCBrass. And for more of his fantastic videos here on YouTube at: SPCBrass Channel.

Writer: @DeaconBluesBlog DeaconBluesBlog.Com