Life is many things, some of the time...

Laughter, learning, pain, joy, pleasure, peace, and turmoil...

But what life is all of the time is ...change.

Change is the constant of our world. Ever moving, ever flowing. We grow, we mature, we learn, we make decisions, and we change.

Some change is major. Some not so much. Some changes are made in the hopes of the best possible outcome, even when the future is murky at best.

I am facing a more moderate change in my life currently. A shifting of all of my day to day, the times and the days. My work schedule may soon be changing.

I am optimistic it will be for the best, that in it there will be a bit more money, a bit more peace, and a bit more happiness. But I just can't shake that anxiety that comes with such changes. The what if's, the shifts in plans already made, the unknown...

The unknown and the misunderstood are two of the most frightening things that we can face in our lives. If we do not fully understand the situations or challenges we are presented with we often react with fear, anxiety, and sometimes in anger.

With the unknown we are simply left at a loss, a loss as to where to focus our efforts, to know what to expect, a loss of grasp on our path. An inability to control...

One of the most challenging and rewarding things we as humans can do in this life is to let go of the death grip we try to keep on our lives. To have faith in a higher power, an over seeing grace and wisdom, these are things that we as humans struggle a great deal with.

After all we like control, control means that we know just what will happen, how it will happen, and for how long.


When we have faith in the guidance and path that lays ahead of us, when we keep ourselves open to the shifting energies around us and allow them to guide us to where we are supposed to be, then we find in it our most basic and honest peace.

We spend so much of our time seeking out peace and joy in our lives, and all too often we grab hold and try to force it anyway that we can because, after all we should have total control in everything right?

But how often is it that we find the most joy in our lives in the least likely of places, and in the times when we least had control.

I am told over and over that love comes when you least expect it. And if you aren't expecting it, then you aren't controlling it. So if one of, if not THE, life's most powerful of force's is so often born of times of unexpected surprise and faith without control and force, then who are we to resist every change in our lives?

I am still anxious about the changes headed my way, but I am also optimistic. I believe they will be good for me, and I shall endeavor to keep the faith and trust the forces around me and in me to continue to guide me along this path of mine.