I am just so so so sick and tired of dealing with the lazy and moronic.

It seems like nothing ever changes, and the people who are not of said description are left to be either covering everything or are now the targets when they dare to stand up for themselves. And even, as in my case, when they dare to try and be patient and helpful to try and understand the problem in an attempt to help.

And so now I am facing having to stand toe to toe to defend myself once again over some bullshit that I shouldn't have to defend anything about. I was right, I did my job correctly, I attempted to be as helpful as possible despite the challenge of dealing with a moron, and now I am accused of being hostile.

Ya damn right I'm hostile now... on my own time.. on my own paid for space.. in my own personal area.. but not in my professional life.

As the song goes, "Before you 'cuse me, take a look at yourself!"

There has GOT to be a better way. Some way to block the negative energy, to just get through doing what my job requires, and effectively handle the idiots without all this frakkin stress and bullshit.

I am just so over it, all of it.

I am honestly at a point that if I were in a financial place to do so I would just say what needed to be said, did what needed to be done, and told them where to stick tha damn job.

Honest to Maker... the sheer lack of backbone and logic that is used to run things astounds me, and the fact that the one group that has a grasp on what its doing and is doing it correctly is continually told to shut up and just do what we are told, even when doing said thing means that we are completely undermining the goals of the department and the company, all because someone wants to make a decision somewhere that apparently has no real world concept of how things actually works.

I tired of being the door matt, tired of being told I'm not allowed to question even the most illogical and counter productive of demands from departments we allegedly do not answer to.

Why is it we must always be the group to sit back and hold the target steady and just wait for someone to either make us mad enough to react or for them to make up some false accusation to use as AMMO against us?

For once why can't we simply be the ones that take these people on and give them an education in how things really work. And tell THEM to keep their opinions to themselves, because frankly the opinions they keep espousing are completely based on false ideas and beliefs that systems work one way when the in no way work in that manner.

I give up... UNCLE! I can't take the illogical, idiotic, insulting barrage any longer. Something has got to change and fast!