Once I finally beat back my crazy headache from earlier today I was finally able to more fully dive into exploring my lovely new iPad.

It really was lust at first sight. Now it's just pure love. It's graceful, solid, functional, and pretty!!

My only real concern is the lack of iPad modified apps suited to the device. The iPod/iPhone apps work on it, and work well but the scale up feature leaves things a bit blurry like when you zoom in too far on a picture.

For ex. There is no FaceBook or Slacker Radio app along with many others. So for now I am making use of the web interface on many just because I was not fond of the fuzzy look. Eventually I am sure they will get that all set.

After all the apps for the iPad/iPod didn't all exist at once.

I am anxious to get the skins put on the iPad and my phone. But I keep putting it off. Even though I have put on several, it's still a bit nerve wracking what with the moisture required and permanency of it, although more of a one shot situation might be more accurate. The skin once removed is trash.

Soooo yeah lol...

I was quiet impressed with the video quality of my already converted video files that were formated for the iPod. So no rework needed there which is a bonus. The Netflix and ABC apps are great also for video.

Why, I've even found a cool fun lil poker app, which just distracted me for 30 minutes from writing this... lol

Sigh.. well I think I'm off to watch a bit of Glee