Perhaps its age, a shift in personality, a decrease in tolerance, or simply that my beliefs and maturity have shifted in a new direction.

Or all of the above.

But I simply can not abide those that would be vampires of joy and positive energy for no reason other than to fuel their own dark cloud of negativity, that they insist on maintaining and attempting to spread across others.

I don't understand why there are people out there who feel the need to enforce their negativity onto those around them. Especially those that are supposed to be friends of any sort, even casual online acquaintances. And that they would go even farther if the negativity is refused to then simply start insulting a person over it.

Well that's just immature, petty, and pointless.

Life is far to short to be dwelling on the pointless for more than a second.

Perhaps it's life's way of showing us the balance, or balancing the positive so that we have a real and true appreciation for its beauty and joy.

I get that some people don't like certain things. We all have things and stuff that we do not like in this world, its a part of being human. But to insult those who do like those things, or have more of an appreciation of them, is just dumb.

I have been making great strides at shedding the negativity in my life, and those that help to create it. I have had equally great setbacks in this process as well. But I have not given up, and I am still working towards that goal. One that I may not actually reach in this lifetime but I intend to get as close to it as I can.

Something that I simply MUST work harder to remember and to enact is to block and reject those who would bring negativity into my life in any way, shape, or form whenever possible at all.

To step back and remember who I am and what I believe and that that is enough. To not let myself be drawn into their shit storms and their attempts to bring negativity and stress into my life.

Some things can't be avoided, this is also just a part of life, but how we react, how we handle it, can be controlled.

In my professional life as well as my personal, I am continuing to try to find this balance more purely and completely.

Recently I allowed myself to be drawn into such a situation and it did nothing but bring more stress and frustration to what should have been a total non-issue.

That's my fault for giving it and them energy to run on.

In my personal life I find it becoming easier and easier to see the points of contact that do nothing to enhance my life and myself, but instead serve only to bring darkness over the light. And easier still to simply eliminate those dark points without regret of guilt.

Perhaps this is simply the path that everyone takes through life, scattered with bits of realization and clarity, but in mine it's all very new and interesting. I relish these moments of clarity and conviction. And I hope to be able to hold on to them and use them to serve me well through the remainder of my life.

Being human allows for the occasional slip at this, but it also allows for change and improvement going on from there.

Here's to a future where my lessons are remembered at those most difficult and immediate moments that they would serve me best!

And also, perhaps, to those who would try to suck the positive and joyous energy from our lives realizing that they are on a self-destructive path AND that changing that path is the key to a happier life.