This is officially my first full blog post composed entirely on the iPad. While I wouldn't say this device is well suited to really long writing sessions, it does handle light to moderate sessions quite well.

I must say I really enjoyed being the cool kid for a change today with the cool new item. Now if only I didn't need some cool bit of tech to win me that title for real.

It really did help to make for a good day despite my Angry Birds addiction.

We got a bit more news tonight that another of our team is leaving and so we now have two positions that will need to be filled.

I can think of at least one person perfect for it but she is happy way down south lol...

The only thing that I really can say for today is that I am going to have to learn a bit of tech moderation cause damn I am doing the eye strain thing today. Something that continues to affirm to me that while this is a good ereader it is still not above the kindle for reading books for a long period. Though I will still give it a fair shot shortly and try out a full book before I pass final judgement.

It really is nice as a productive device, an Internet device, and as a gaming device. They really did well finding that balance.

Time to eat dinner and chill for the night.

For those curious...this was all done one handed in about <15 minutes. Not bad I would say!