This is one of my favorite nights.

Tomorrow is my Friday and the crew I am working with is fantastic. We always have a great time working together, lots of laughs, lots of good discussion, and kindness.

I will miss that about working a full shift with them, I really will.

But it will still be good working with them the time that I do get.

Tonight is also the night that it is usually the slowest, though that was not the case this time.

I worked WAY too hard for a Sunday. shew...

It was still a nice one though. Once again the crew makes the difference in what could have been a miserable night.

I even remembered to pick up 4 somethings and get them sent off to their respective destinations!! Go me!!

And now I shall finally go and watch the race that I ruined for myself last night, then the new Doctor Who, and heaven only knows what else.

I do know at some point... the litter boxes will be done... omg heat and humidity are not kind... All 3 a/c's runnin hard now..