Just when I thought the stress and aggravation were getting to me... Just when I thought things at work were headed in a bad direction...

The Universe yelled "GOTCHYA!"

Even with some talk of the dept trying to possibly do things in a new, and hellfire ugly way, there is just so much to be positive about right now.

Likely lots of OT coming my way soon. Moving to a new shift that should be quite nice. Still getting to work with the people that I enjoy and appreciate. More money. And just generally seeing the dust settle.

A bit.

It's odd how much my life has revolved around that place, and how personal so much of it is to me. I think, likely because it is my primary face to face social interaction.

Which is not really a good thing at all. But it is the path I am on.

And now... well  now its the weekend! Peace, quiet, solitude. And not a single plan besides having the groceries delivered.

I REALLY hope to get a lot read on a book I am borrowing, and get to playing on a borrowed game. I have GOT to get those back to their rightful owners soon!!!

Yeah.. ya know what - it turns out I don't have much to say tonight.