Today actually went quite quickly which was rather a blessing.

And despite my earlier predictions of being a miserable SOB today due to a lack of sleep... The universe saw fit to put the right people in my path today and keep the right ones out of it.

It certainly makes for a peaceful and lovely day.

And so I am wrapping this day up in short order due to a last minute schedule change that takes me to work early tomorrow. So much for just watching SGU and cleaning out the inbox by the desk.

I am hoping that the workmen are not back tomorrow making such a racket. They were here all day from early this morning setting up scaffolding around my apt building. And being none to careful about it. Throwing the metal poles around and so on..

Because what are the chances that someone might be trying to rest in an apartment building!?! grumble... bastards!

I called the landlord today to try and find out what was going on but no one ever got back to me. So now I am just left to wonder the weekend as to what is going on, and for how long it will be going on.

They damn well better be done quick like, especially as I move to my overnight shift!

Lunch has been made and prepped for work again tomorrow! Thats 2 days in a row for those of you counting.

I am hoping to make it home in time tomorrow to cook for the next two days as well.

Right then... off to do the City census very quickly, finish dinner and head off to bed.