In a land of a thousand mysteries there is always one man who is beyond simple.

The world spins in a fast and unending pattern that man alone cannot alter.

Life weaves its way towards death no matter the victories won along the way.

The seasons continue to change, one from another and one from each other.

Some birds never fly and still their hearts soar above the clouds, even if they end up in our bellies!

There is but one consistent aspect to life and that is inconsistency.

Some love, some hate, some long for love, but live in self hate.

The moon is not of cheese, but it is large and round kind of like an odd intergalactic polo ball positioned just so…

If there is a man in the moon, does this mean that he has moved out of Mars?

And does this mean that the women on Venus are driving even the fictional men crazy? :-P

And finally… It’s Marine Week in Boston, MA. Get out there and show your support ANY way you can!