And tonight is finally a normal night home. I can get a few things done and still get sleep. The overtime is nice but shew it can wear ya out.

Add to that, even with my extra walking lately, I seem to be having a HARDER time walking now rather than easier. Where before it was just my back that would bother me, my thighs and legs are burning quickly and I start panting WAY sooner.


I dunno what to do. I have got to loose more weight before I go home in July and get in a position to be able to walk even a moderate distance.

I am very near just going with water and saltines or something for the next month... and maybe a good multi vitamin.

I swear I think my body has cursed me for having lost that weight before, now it's saying "fuck you here's what you get."

Just feel like I'm not getting anywhere, and backsliding even faster when I try to do better.

Ok done with this.. Night...