Working 47 hours in 4 days is starting to make me more tired than it used to. Why, I can remember when I could do 60 hours in 4 days and not blink...ever!

Not sure if this is a result of age, or if I just got off to a bad start this week with no sleep for Friday, and never recovered.

I'm choosing the sleep thing, because "I ain't gettin too old for this shit!" (to paraphrase)

The upside of this week, I only ate out ONCE, well twice - I brought the left overs from yesterday as lunch today. But still only ordered once. So I am way under budget on food for the work weeks this pay period, plus way ahead on gas consumption too since I didn't do any extra driving!


The things we do to try and save up for vacations, and to pay off debt - at the same time.

In other news, my new shift may be delayed - possibly. I gotta say I have kind of mixed feelings about it. I am rather ready to get started on it and be there. Plus the extra $ will be nice as well.

OK then... time to go chill on the couch and relax.. even if it was a peaceful week.